Fall 2020 Season Safety Guidelines

Following guidance from the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio South Youth Soccer Association, we have implemented the following procedures required for all LSSA players, coaches, friends and family attending practice and games this season. Note that these guidelines may change as the conditions and regulations change as a result of this pandemic, so please be flexible. Our ultimate goal is to give our players the opportunity to learn, compete and have fun this season. We need your support to make this happen. 

LSSA Fall 2020 Soccer Procedures

  • Please conduct daily health assessments for both players and spectators attending games prior to arriving at the fields. 
  • If you suspect your player is ill with COVID-19 or has related symptoms, immediately isolate and seek medical care. Additionally please inform your coach right away. LSSA will partner with the Fairfield County Department of Health on proper exposure notifications and requirements around the player’s return to play. 
  • Players and spectators over 10 years of age must wear face coverings when not on the field of play except for any of the allowable exceptions stated in the Director’s Order for Facial Coverings throughout the State of Ohio. This includes players on the sidelines who are not on the field. 
  • There will be no team benches. Instead, players must maintain 6ft social distance and stay within individual designated area on sideline with space for bag and water. There is no sharing of equipment or water.
  • Spectators must maintain 6ft social distance on the sidelines, not including people in the same family group.
  • This season players and spectators from LSSA will be on the same sideline while the opposing team’s players and spectators will be on the opposite sideline. Players and fans will be separated by the mid-field line.
  • There is no congregating before or after games and practices.
  • Per league orders, LSSA has designated compliance officers to help with enforcement of the face covering and social distance requirements for spectators and players.

These regulations are in place to provide the safest environment possible for our players, coaches and spectators to compete this Fall season. We appreciate your support and flexibility. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about these policies. We are looking forward to a great season. 

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LSSA Compliance Officer: Jarrod Redding