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 What got you interested in playing soccer?

I was always at my sisters Parker and Theron's games and practices, so I naturally wanted to follow and keep up with them. Plus my parents were always working with us and encouraging us to compete and get better.


How long have you been player soccer?

I started playing when I was 3/4 years old and my dad was my coach. I started playing for LSSA at 8 for Tim Galecki's U9 Girls team.


What position(s) do you play?

I started early as a forward, then transitioned into the midfield around U11/U12. Once in High School I played Center Mid until my senior year when I played center forward again.


How do you think club soccer prepared you for high school soccer?

I think the different coaching of Tim Galecki, Steve Heimberger and my dad helped me adapt to being coached by different people. The overall speed, competition, drills, touches at LSSA more than helped me prepare for High School. The biggest difference in high school was playing against seniors as a freshman, but LSSA helped me prepare for the speed and physicality and the adjustment wasn't that difficult. It was more of a mental thing than anything. Trust your training, your abilities and just compete. LSSA soccer always challenged us to become better and push ourselves as individuals and as a team. In High School sometimes the practices and playing time were geared to help people catch up, so a lot of times I looked forward to the LSSA season and my LSSA teammates.


Please share a memory from playing club soccer.

My fondest memories will be my teammates and how we feel like family when we are together. Even when we played against each other in High School it was so much fun to unite with them after the game, win or lose. A specific memory is when we were younger (U9-U12) Tim Galecki made us run Gorilla Gasers and take timed Nature Runs. I used to hate them, now I run all the time and look forward to it in a lot of ways. Also Tim was hard on us when we were younger to be tough, fight through it and push yourself. I appreciate this so much now because it really helped my work ethic and my confidence. Now I look at Tim as a big teddy bear. My Dad and Tim do a great job coaching us. In a lot of ways they are looking after us to make sure we are doing well in school and personally. They also make sure that we are as prepared as possible for training, positions, games and even college. I will miss LSSA for sure, but it definitely gave me the tools to reach the next level.